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Robotics Training program
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Robotics Training program
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Competitive advantages by qualified trainers

Our extensive training program allows you to prepare and specialize your staff optimally for the use of ABB robots.
This allows you to operate your systems efficiently and optimally.

Our basic training courses form the foundation and therefore the
important basis for all user groups.
The knowledge
gained can be expanded according to needs and requirements with our in-depth courses and be solidified.

The subject of security also has a firm place in our offer. We train you extensively on all relevant safety aspects of robotic technology.

In addition to the standard courses, we also offer individual Training opportunities tailored to your needs to.
These can also be done on-site with our mobile training systems.

We are happy to provide you with individual advice and wish you a lot of fun with our current training program.
Frank Wiesel, Head of Training Center

• High qualified, seasoned trainers
• Over 70 norm training programs for products and systems
• Individual on customer needs tailored training
• On-site training on demand with mobile robots
• 12 training rooms with more than 30 robots in Friedberg
• Other external training locations in Aalen, Aachen, Berlin,
  Dortmund, Dreißlingen and Iserlohn.
• Course documentation in German and English
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