IRC5: Introductory course – Industrial robots - Robotics Training Friedberg

Robotics Training program
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Robotics Training program
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IRC5: Introductory course – Industrial robots
Target group
Managers, planners, administrative staff

Course goals
• Getting to know the fields of application for robots
• Perform operating functions independently
• Manual operation
• Loading and testing programs
• Insight into the fields of work of plant operators, programmers and maintenance engineers
• Getting to know the way personnel and procedures cooperate

• Occupational health and safety
• Robot applications in production practice
• Configuration and function of a robot system
• Types of movement in manual and automatic mode
• Control of inputs and outputs
• Loading and saving modules and programs
• Error messages and situation description
• Documentation and technical support from ABB
• Contact persons and procedures for selected issues


Course duration: 2 days
Number of participants: 3 – 6 persons
Maximum: 3 persons per training robot
Dates: Subject to agreement
Venue: Training Center in Friedberg / Hessen

Phone: +49 60 31 85-233

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