IRC5 APT-IDFPG-SE: Gluing Electric - Robotics Training Friedberg

Robotics Training program
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Robotics Training program
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IRC5 APT-IDFPG-SE: Gluing Electric
Target Group
Commisioning engineers, electrical service and application personnel who are in the “gluing” area active

Course goals
• System overview
• To locate faults in the system
• Reducing downtime to a minimum by rapid error identification
• Ability to commission an IDFP system

• Occupational health and safety
• Detailed description of the form and function of the data backup
• Working with schematics
• Practical exercises for error detection, systematic troubleshooting using appropriate software (RobView, RobotStudio, terminal program)
• Creating a system
• Loading and executing test programs
• Getting to know the IDFP structure, soft and hardware
• Basic settings of the IDFP control
• Solving application problems
• Carrying out an IPS software update
• Connections of the application modules in the IRC5 controller
• Exchanging components and tuning the system

• Basic course PG1 of the respective controller generation
• Computer skills
• Electro-technical training

Course duration: 4 days
Number of participants: 4 persons
Maximum: 4 persons per training robot
Dates: Subject to agreement
Venue: Training Center in Friedberg / Hessen

Phone: +49 60 31 85-233

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