IRC5 SD: Faults and Diagnostics - Robotics Training Friedberg

Robotics Training program
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Robotics Training program
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IRC5 SD: Faults and Diagnostics
Target group
Start-up engineers, maintenance technicians electrics

Course goals
• Expansion of knowledge about systematic troubleshooting
• Application of the diagnostic facilities of the IRC5 controller
• Ordered methods of combating faults

• Occupational health and safety
• Refresher, deepening and expanding the basics from the service course (SE)
• Develop a fault and analysis strategy for more efficient troubleshooting based on case studies
• Plan and structure procedures based on the troubleshooting method (MeFes)
• Aftercare and avoidance of future faults
• Use measurement tools to perform diagnostics (e.g. oscilloscopes, bus testers, etc.)
• Using ABB supplied software and recommendations for using external software

• Participation in a IRC5 SE course
• Electro-technical training
• Sound computer skills

Course duration: 3 days
Number of participants: 3 – 6 persons
Maximum: 3 persons per training robot
Dates: Subject to agreement
Venue: Training Center in Friedberg / Hessen

Phone: +49 60 31 85-233

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