IRC5 YuMi1: YuMi basics - Robotics Training Friedberg

Robotics Training program
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Robotics Training program
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IRC5 YuMi1: YuMi basics
Target Group
Programmers, commisioning engineers, plant managers, project managers, planners, maintenance technicians electrics, exclusively for those who use the YuMi robot system. An alternative method to achieve the same result would be to take part in the standard course IRC5 PG1, followed by the extension course IRC5 PS-YuMi

Course goals
• Independent execution of YuMi operating functions
• Independently developing, implementing, testing, optimising and the documentation of simple movement programs

• Occupational health and safety
• Structure and function of the robot system, dialogue concept of FlexPendant, RobotStudio, RobotStudio App
• RAPID program structure
• Types of movement in manual and automatic operation
• Writing simple movement programs
• Monitoring input and output signals
• Testing measuring system
• Measuring tool and work object
• Loading and saving modules and programs and system parameters
• Error messages and status reports
• Backup
• Using the YuMi App to program Pick and Place tasks
• Use of MultiMove for synchronized movement
• Introduction to the IntegratedVision application for object recognition

Computer skills

Course duration: 5 days
Number of participants: 3 – 6 persons
Maximum: 3 persons per training robot
Dates: Subject to agreement
Venue: Training Center in Friedberg / Hessen

Phone: +49 60 31 85-233

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